Frederick Douglass & Ireland: Revisitings

Thursday 18th May, 7.30pm

On Thursday 18th May, we are hosting a fantastic talk at the Irish World Heritage Centre with Professor Alan Rice on Fredrick Douglass and Ireland.

Professor Alan Rice will discuss Frederick Douglass’s liberating sojourn to Britain and Ireland 1845-47 and in particular the contexts and legacies of the visit to Ireland in 1845. He will discuss the variations in the 1845 Irish edition of Frederick Douglass’s Narrative and the links they reveal to women activists in Britain and Ireland and explore legacies of this through the contemporary work of Black British artist Lubaina Himid. He will also discuss the 2008 documentary film Frederick Douglass and the White Negro and its evasions and elisions which undermine its retelling of the epochal visit. He will discuss the problematic relations between African American and Irish Americans in the nineteenth century and Douglass’s commentary on his wonderful reception in Ireland and his later troubled relations with Irish Americans in the United States. Finally, Rice will discuss how working class Manchester’s interactions with the cause of Liberty in the Civil War (1861-65) provides a salient counterpoint to the drastic situation seen in the Draft riots and racist violence in New York.