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The Irish language is regarded as the oldest European language, and is both beautiful and unique. With Manchester Irish Language you can learn the basics, improve your Irish or practice your oral skills. All levels are catered for.

Conradh na Gaeilge Manchain (The Manchester Irish League) has lessons for those wishing to learn the Irish language here at the Irish World Heritage Centre.


Whether you know some Irish and are looking to improve it, or you are an absolute
beginner, we can help open up a new world for you. Lessons are designed for all
levels, including pronunciation, useful phrases, conversation, and a little grammar.
For absolute beginners, we will be repeating much of the content in the
subsequent weeks to help everyone adjust and feel comfortable in the language.
Other streams include lower intermediate (those with some knowledge of Irish),
upper intermediate (signifiicant knowledge) and advanced (those all but fluent).
Classes are held on the upper floor of the IWHC from 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm every
Wednesday. The daily program guide near reception informs of the exact room. A
small attendance fee of £2.50 is required for the room hire and also printing costs.

Bring anyone along you
think may be interested. All are most welcome and we strive to help each other.



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Wednesday 4th September 2019

The new class will be held on September 4th for all streams except lower
intermediates who begin a week later on September 11th. If you can't make it then or miss it, don't worry since there is no formal introduction. Bring anyone along! 
Any enquiries please email to :