Post-post conflict?

The Contemporary Murals of Northern Ireland

Wednesday 21st June, 7.30pm

We are delighted to welcome Tony Crowley to the Centre on 21st June to deliver a hugely interesting multi-media talk entitled, 'Post-Post-Conflict? The Contemporary Murals of Northern Ireland', which will attempt to understand the latest developments in the Northern Ireland murals by placing them in the context of recent political history. The talk will also address the larger process of digital archiving and history and may be of especial interest to those with keen interests in recent Irish history, archives and digitisation.

Tony Crowley is Professor of English at the University of Leeds and author of Wars of Words: The Politics of Language in Ireland 1537-2004 (Oxford U.P. 2005) and Scouse: A Social and Cultural History (Liverpool U.P. 2012). A selection of his photographs of the murals of Northern Ireland, a collection of 20,000 images, is held in the Claremont Colleges Digital Library archive, 'The Murals of Northern Ireland 1979-2016' (google CCDL MNI or


This event is part of our New Media & Digital strand of programming.