Apprentice Chef

As an Apprentice Chef you will be working in a kitchen with a qualified Chef.

You will be responsible for assisting in the preparation, cooking and presentation of food with the aim to deliver an excellent customer experience. 


Main job role - 

  • Ensuring all menu items and specials are prepared, cooked and presented to company specification.

  • Maintaining portion control and ensuring wastage is kept to a minimum.

  • Receiving and checking food deliveries

  • Assisting Head Chef with orders, stock taking, food hygiene, training and development of the team.

  • Ensuring that all kitchen equipment is maintained and is working correctly.

  • Presentation is vital.

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We are currently looking for fun, enthusiastic, confident and passionate people who are not afraid of hard work. We recruit our team for their personality and experience.

Main job role - 

  • Customer focus

  • Drive

  • Personal integrity 

  • Team work

  • Presentation is important

  • Money management and till use

  • Keeping bar clean and well stocked


Part-time and minimum hours.

To work behind a bar, you must be 18 or over.

Please send your CVs to